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Halloween Fright Night at ACM 2011

We went to the Fright Night at ACM on Saturday evening. I brought Anya last year and she enjoyed the craft activities so much that she still talks about it! I didn’t know if we were going for sure this year and I’m a lazy mother so she had to wear her strawberry costume from last year. She’s grown so much! Last year, the costume came down to below her butt and now it’s around her waist.

She coloured a bat and I cut it out and strung it for her. She also drew some scribbles on a ‘magic’ scratch card and helped to make a scarecrow doll. I think the Halloween activities at ACM are really fun and they put a lot of thought into ensuring that it ties back to Asian culture so I hope no one suddenly decides that it’s inappropriate and rushes to cancel the event like at the Night Safari. -_-

ACM looking creepy

blood donation awareness booth

fuzzy green spider

craft at the River Room

Anya colouring her bat

ta dah!

scribbling on scratch card

crushing newspaper for her scarecrow

scarecrow doll

she was a bit scared of her scarecrow doll!

MGS Fun Fair

We went to the MGS fun fair yesterday! We got there before 10am and I walked around with the 2 kids while Adrian went off to park at KAP. It was really hot and crowded! There was a lot to see and do at the fun fair and they even had a whole bunch of amusement park rides from Uncle Ringo. Anya wanted to ride on a Formula One car but she’s too small and couldn’t reach the pedal. We paid $3 for her to jump around on the bouncy slide but it had gotten pretty hot under the sun so she slid down once and decided that she’d had enough! Most expensive slide ever!

I saw quite a few familiar faces and also bumped into my Geog teacher. She wanted Anya to call her ‘Grandma’. Haha! Managed to get some food to eat and Anya drank too much Ribena too quickly and threw up purple vomit spectacularly. Sigh. It was her first time there and I wonder if she’d still remember all this when she finally starts attending MGS 5 years down the road.

Von and Debs met up with us there and after walking around a bit more and buying some souvenirs, we left because it was just too hot and crowded! I think it was a good fun fair with something for everyone. Great job, MGS! :)

game stalls at the quadrangle

huge crowd in the canteen

MGS Grand Prix

Anya trying to convince me that she's big enough

choo choo!

bouncy slides

with Mrs Diana Goh and Mrs Natalie Lim

MGS memorabilia

a very sweaty and sticky Anya

Paradise Pavilion at MBFC

Had dim sum and peking duck at Paradise Pavilion after the PLAYtime! performance on Wednesday. Didn’t take many pictures because I was feeding Adam and myself at the same time.

The peking duck is one of the best that I’ve had in Singapore and the custard bun and chee cheong fun were yummy as well. The char siew sou was my favourite item and I would have liked to order more that day but my teeth were killing me because I had an appointment with my orthodontist the day before. ;(

inside Paradise Pavilion

Adam rejecting his pacifier

Debs is always in black


some special siew mai skewer thingy

I love peking duck (when my teeth are not sore)

PLAYtime! – Oh, What a Noisy Zoo!

photo from PLAYtime! Facebook page

photo from PLAYtime! Facebook page

Anya and I went to watch Oh, What a Noisy Zoo! at the Esplanade on Wednesday. We definitely enjoyed this a lot more than the previous PLAYtime! production. Anya had a good time singing, dancing and doing the actions to the songs even though we were seated quite far back from the stage area because we’d gotten there just in time for the show. I liked how they used shadow puppets at the beginning to show the little girl cycling to the zoo especially since the recent Octoburst! included a shadow puppetry exhibition.

When the elephants came out, they sang the One Elephant Went Out to Play song and played a freezing game. The song and game were later used for the monkeys too. It would have been good if the monkey segment had a different song from the elephant one so that the more restless kids wouldn’t get bored. But Anya has been making me sing the song and play the freezing game since Wednesday so I guess the repetition made the song and game stick in her mind!

I wasn’t too pleased that the Delphin people had a booth there because I find them very aggressive in the way they sell their products and services and also because they were blocking the poster of the performance so we couldn’t take a photo in front of it like we usually do. The next PLAYtime performance is Hello Elly! Haven’t decided if we’re watching that yet. Will see if the cousins want to watch as well!

The Plain at Craig Rd

Finally made it to The Plain after hearing and reading so much about the place. It’s a lovely little cafe and the service is attentive. The food and coffee are pretty decent as well! Adrian had poached eggs with ham, cheese and tomatoes on sourdough toast and I had eggs with vegemite on buttered toast sticks.

The Plain


so true

freshly squeezed orange juice




iced coffee

darling's eggs

humpty dumpty & vegemite soldiers

Save Bukit Brown

Reposting the photos of Bukit Brown Cemetery from the entry I made last year. Bukit Brown is such a beautiful and important place and it’s so sad that there are plans to redevelop it. Even if the heritage of Bukit Brown is thoroughly documented, it’s really not the same, is it? It’s like saying it’s ok for a species to become extinct as long as we have pictures, videos and stuffed specimens of the animals. I know Adrian will probably kill me for saying this, but I think the 4-lane road should run through a golf course instead.

Read about the “Saving Bukit Brown” project here.

our guides

silent sentry

fairy guardian

humongous tomb!

paragon of filial piety: feeding breast milk to mother-in-law who couldn't chew

another Sikh guard

well-guarded tomb

Tay Ho Swee's tomb

singapore polo club is nearby

Playground at Vivocity with the Gang

Met up with the gang on Saturday and we went to the playground at Vivocity to let the kids run around. Adrian was away at a golf tournament so I was really glad to have Supernanny Vonnie around to help me take care of Anya!

sliding with Auntie Vonnie

little Jotham spinning around


the kids love Auntie Vonnie

Anya looking at the jets of water

with meimei Sophia