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Singapore Chinese Orchestra – Fiesta of Animals

Ren & I brought Sophia & Anya to Fiesta of Animals by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra yesterday morning. I think the instruments in a Chinese orchestra sound really beautiful (especially in a Jay Chou song, heh) and I was hoping that Anya might enjoy the concert seeing as she had a great time at the SSO Babies Prom last year.

We expected the conductor to address the audience in Mandarin but he used English instead which we felt didn’t really suit the event. He also went through the four main components of music (rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics) with the kids but I think most of it went over their heads. Would have been good to learn more about the instruments in a Chinese orchestra instead. The theme of the concert was animals so there were cut-outs of animals stuck around the walls of the concert hall and also on stage. Occasionally, the conductor would disappear behind a tiny screen located at stage left to create some animal shadows but the screen was so small the impact was minimal.

Perhaps they could have projected some video clips of animals moving on the projector screen instead so that the children could see how the music fit the particular animal. Since there wasn’t much visual stimulus, the kids in the audience were quite restless. I think it was a good effort but if the SCO wants to have another concert for children, I hope they stick to Mandarin and try harder to engage the kids visually!

Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Sharon, Sophia & Anya

Fiesta of Animals

random swan on stage

the conductor

posing in front of a giant drum

bom bom bom!

Drips at Tiong Bahru

Thursday was really a lazy day of sitting around and eating for me. After lunch at The Orange Thimble with Selena, I met up with Von & Juan at Drips Bakery Cafe at Tiong Poh Rd just a very short walk away. I hear that they have good coffee but I had a mocha just before I got there so didn’t try it.

I like how the old Tiong Bahru Estate is transforming with cafes like 40 Hands and shops like Books Actually. Would love to live in one of the walk-ups but I don’t think I could afford any of them!

Drips Bakery Cafe

Pound cakes and fruit tarts


Yummy mango tart

Ice tea

Cute mooncake cushion

Adam watching us eat

Adam & mummy (and mummy's eyebags!)

With Auntie Juan

Plus Auntie Von