Sesame Street Live Show – Elmo’s Green Thumb

I brought Anya to watch the Sesame Street live show at Kallang Theatre yesterday. Decided to go since the Plus! BigDeal group buying site was offering 50% off the Cat 3 tickets. We left Adam and Adrian at Kallang Leisure Park and the little one tortured his father the entire time by crying non-stop even though I fed him right before we left for the show! There were people who came up to Adrian to tell him that he should feed his hungry baby but he couldn’t do anything since we didn’t bring any expressed breast milk along. Poor Adrian!

Anya and I had a good time though. It’s been ages since I watched something at Kallang Theatre! We were seated in the first row of the circle seats so we had a great view of the performance. Anya loves Elmo and is familiar with Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Mr Snuffleupagus but doesn’t really know the rest of the characters. She really liked the colourful set and the singing and dancing so the money spent was pretty worth it. During the interval, we went down to the foyer where they were selling (expensive) toys and programmes. She wanted an Elmo toy but it was $21 and totally not worth it so I told her we couldn’t get it. I’m glad she doesn’t kick up a fuss when we don’t get her what she wants!

Sesame Street Live Show - Elmo's Green Thumb

"I wonder if Elmo can see me up here..."

where should Elmo plant his flower?

dancing around big bird

rain, rain, go away...

expensive toys being snapped up

coming down the Kallang Theatre staircase

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