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Oriole Cafe & Bar at Somerset

Since I’m currently on maternity leave, I get to lead the life of a pseudo-tai tai, relaxing in cafes and shopping while others are gainfully employed and working hard to make a living. Unfortunately, this pseudo-tai tai has to take public transport eveywhere and has no helper.

On Tuesday, I brought both kids out (by myself for the very first time!) and we took the train down to Somerset and walked around H&M for a bit before meeting up with Angie & Baby Isaac for lunch at Oriole Cafe & Bar at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites.

There was an Amex 1-for-1 main course promotion so Angie ordered the fish & chips and I got the mushroom tagliatelle. I asked for the tagliatelle to be changed to spaghetti since that’s easier for Anya to eat but the server said that they couldn’t take any special requests for the promotion items. Good thing Anya had no problem with the tagliatelle and probably ate more than I did!

The cafe is very comfortable and we had a nice time eating and chatting there. The food was good too and came quite promptly. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to get there from 313 Somerset without getting wet when it’s raining! There’s a bit between the two buildings that is uncovered and can be a bit troublesome on a rainy day with two kids in tow (and no umbrella).

After lunch, we spent a considerable amount of time in the diaper changing/ nursing room at 313 Somerset. There are hot & cold water dispensers, two curtained cubicles for nursing and a surface where two babies can be changed at the same time. Best of all, there’s a toilet cubicle inside as well! Strangely, there is soap at the toilet cubicle sink but not at the sink beside the changing surface! You also need two hands to throw a dirty diaper away: one to hold the cupboard door open and the other to throw the diaper into the bin hidden below the changing surface.

Meeting up with Angie again next week for more pseudo-tai tai activities!

Oriole Cafe & Bar

cosy and welcoming on a rainy and gloomy day

Anya arranging cutlery

iced mint mocha

tagliatelle mushroom cream sauce

fish & chips

vanilla panna cotta and treacle pudding

the three of us (Adam looking like a lump)

Angie & Isaac

a better view of Isaac (I love his hair!)

Anya in the parents' room