Daily Archives: October 8, 2011

Octoburst at Esplanade

Brought Anya and Adam to the Esplanade yesterday for the Octoburst¬†Children’s Day activity. I’d initially planned to bring them there in the morning so that Anya could do some colouring but decided to meet up there with Selena and her boys at 4pm instead. The thing about going out with kids is that you can make all the plans you like but whether these plans can be carried out ultimately depends on things like how long they decide to nap, how long they take to eat, etc.

We eventually made it there about 5pm and went to watch the Baby Piano Project at the library. The kids weren’t very interested in the music. Then we had dinner at Thai Express and caught a bit of the Malay Dance at the Concourse. After Selena and the boys left, we went to the Jendela visual arts space and Anya had a lot of fun playing with the shadow puppets. She wanted to be the puppeteer and the audience at the same time! Many of the puppets showed signs of being handled roughly by other kids. I really can’t understand why parents don’t ensure that their kids treat public property with care. :( Anyway, we’re going to watch excerpts from The Nutcracker by Singapore Dance Theatre at the Esplanade tomorrow. Hope Anya enjoys the performance!

Octoburst - The World We Live In

Baby Piano Project

tried to get a picture of the older kids together

Asher making faces before dinner

colourful things on the ceiling

Malay dance

Anya the puppeteer

Anya in action