Daily Archives: October 9, 2011

Choupinette at Bukit Timah

We went to Choupinette for brunch yesterday. Adrian shared poached eggs and smoked salmon with Anya and I had scrambled eggs with bread and sausage. I think it’s pretty good value for money since each breakfast item costs about the same as in other cafes but comes with a coffee and a juice. It’s quite near our place and we enjoyed the food and coffee. Definitely a good place to have brunch if we want to run some errands at Coronation Plaza next door.

There was a mouthwatering display of pastries and other sweet things that I think I need to explore further. Choupinette is really near where I work so I can totally imagine myself sitting there after school with a coffee and pastry. :)

inside Choupinette


candy bracelets!

my sweet little girl

my strange husband

cappuccino and latte

Eggs Royale

English Coq