Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

The Nutcracker by SDT

As part of their Dance Appreciation Series, the Singapore Dance Theatre performed excerpts from The Nutcracker along with explanations of common ballet terms at the Esplanade yesterday. Fifi very kindly agreed to watch the performance with Anya since Adrian was away at a golf tournament and children below the age of two were not allowed into the theatre.

Anya watched a musical performance of The Nutcracker last year and she enjoyed the singing and dancing very much. There were mice, snowmen and colourful sweets at that musical so she told Fifi that she was expecting to see lollipops at this performance. In the end, there were no lollipops so Anya was rather disappointed and was restless during the performance. She didn’t want to take any pictures with the characters either. I guess I won’t be signing her up for ballet lessons any time soon!

Anya & Fifi

no lollipops here

no lollipops here either