Brunetti at Tanglin Mall

Had lunch (and tea) at Brunetti with Angie on Tuesday. I nearly fainted when I saw the mouthwatering display of pastries, cakes, tarts, macarons, gelato, etc. I ordered an Italian hot chocolate and Eggs Ben while waiting for her. It’s the most luscious and rich hot chocolate I’ve ever had. The Eggs Ben were good too. Then Angie arrived and had a mushroom cappuccino and a panini prosciutto. I’m so going to order that mushroom soup next week! I think Angie liked the panini prosciutto so much that she’s having it again the next time we go.

We followed up with tea and dessert. An Earl Grey for her and peppermint for me. We shared a lemon meringue tart and some Piemontese hazelnut profiterole thing. The lemon meringue was not sour enough for us so we are going for the lemon tart the next time. After walking around Tanglin Mall a bit, we went back to Brunetti and had coffee, cannoli and biscuits. Bliss! There are still so many yummy looking things to try so we’re going back again next Tuesday. :)

Italian hot chocolate. So good.

Eggs Ben (with smoked salmon)

mushroom cappuccino

piadina prosciutto

tea for two

lemon meringue tart

Piemontese hazelnut profiterole



Grumpy & I

Angie & Isaac

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