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Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest 2011

Went to the Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest at the Marina Bay Promontory with Debs and Vonnie on Saturday. I wish we could say we had fun but we didn’t enjoy ourselves very much there. I thought that the ice-cream would be priced at a cheaper than usual rate so that we could go crazy eating ice-cream but at $6 a scoop, it was not value for money. The size of each scoop was smaller than what is normally served up at Ben & Jerry’s outlets and melted really quickly under the hot sun.

The place was also very muddy and Anya got all grouchy because she was wearing slippers and her feet were covered in mud. She even declared a few times that she wanted to go home which is very unusual for a girl who loves to be out and about. What really bothered me were the insects!! We bought some fish & chips and sausages and we sat down on the picnic mats to eat but there were so many little flies that kept buzzing around our food! I was also bitten a few times by red ants. ARGH.

Wanted to get some Ben & Jerry’s merchandise but it was all so expensive. $40 for a towel?? The only thing we bought was a pack of tattoos for $5. Since we weren’t having very much fun, we left quite soon after getting there. We had to spend a considerable amount of time washing mud off Anya’s feet and slippers.

Ben & Jerry's ChunkFest 2011

dress code: singlet, shorts & slippers

queuing up for ice-cream

picnic time!

eating fish & chips

merchandise for sale

great view of MBS