Daily Archives: October 20, 2011

Brunetti at Tanglin Mall Again!

We went to Brunetti again! Looks like we ate a lot but it’s over two sessions and with some other people. Heh. We have decided that our favourite things there are the mushroom soup, the piadina prosciutto, the Italian hot chocolate, the chocolate tart, the coffee and, of course, the freckle pops!

vine-ripened tomato soup with basil - good stuff

fish and chips with chipotle tartare - not bad!

club sandwich - not bad but bread too toasted

baked macaroni - truffle is a nice touch but otherwise ordinary

lemon tart - still not sour enough for us!

chocolate tart - nice!

some caramel thing - this one is okay

chocolate cannoli - pastry is good but I wish filling was more chocolatey

hungry people

Angie trying out some flashcards on Isaac

Adam awake for once