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Reflections for Adam’s Second Month

You are now two months old! This update is 2 days late but better late than never. Your second month really sped past for the both of us.

When we are at home, I try to feed myself and do all the chores while you are asleep so it’s not always a smooth process but we get by. I think I’m more willing to leave you to cry than I ever was with your sister. Sometimes you fall asleep again before I can come and check on you so that’s good! Really hope you will be able to sleep more independently than your sister. You still wake up every 3 or 4 hours to feed at night but sometimes you surprise me by going 6 hours without a feed. You sleep quite well in the carrier while we are out and about and I do prefer to spend time outside with you. We have been meeting up with your friend Isaac and your cousin Ellery (and their mummies) quite a bit!

You seem happier during bath time now. You still look at me suspiciously and fuss a bit now and then but no longer scream your head off. Getting dressed after your bath is another matter entirely. I think you’re just not very fond of lying down on the changing mat. You have outgrown your NB clothes (even though I still try to squeeze you into them) and fit into your 0-3mth clothes quite well. You are also wearing some of your 3-6mth clothes already. You now weigh 5.5kg and measure 57cm in length. Continue to grow well, my boy!

You are quite a serious baby and it’s rare to get a genuine smile from you. But when I do see you smiling, it really warms the cockles of my heart. :) You can be a bit whiney sometimes and like to give us really pathetic looks. You definitely enjoy the attention that your grandaunt gives you and look happy when she’s talking to you and playing with you. Your sister also loves to carry you and talk to you. She’s always asking if you want to eat what she’s eating. She likes to put herself in your line of sight and declare that you are looking at her. When you wave your arms and legs around, she says you are dancing. I love to see the both of you together.

You have acquired a few nicknames. Your Gong Gong calls you aeroplane and your sister always rushes to correct him. Your daddy likes to call you Manny because he says you look cross-eyed. SIGH! I usually call you Deets. You are also Adam Pappadam because your sister is Anya Papaya. Heh.

It’s been a fun month for us! I’m still getting to know you but I do love you very much!

staring at your Yee Po

Hi Mummy!

with your sister