Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

Toby’s Estate at Rodyk Street

Met Debs & Simon for brunch at Toby’s Estate yesterday. I was eager to try the coffee, but when I got there with Adam, there were two very grumpy people waiting for me. Turns out that before I arrived, Simon had a very dry muffin and Debs had a bad cup of Earl Grey tea so they were clamouring to leave and go elsewhere.

I managed to convince them not to leave and we had some coffee and shared the Toby’s breakfast. The coffee was very good and the breakfast was pretty decent as well so I’m glad we stayed. Would love to see Eggs Ben on the menu though!

inside Toby's Estate

Debs at the counter

baked goods

coffee plant!

waiting for our coffee and food

coffee... mmm...

Toby's Breakfast

Simon, Adam and me