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PLAYtime! – Oh, What a Noisy Zoo!

photo from PLAYtime! Facebook page

photo from PLAYtime! Facebook page

Anya and I went to watch Oh, What a Noisy Zoo! at the Esplanade on Wednesday. We definitely enjoyed this a lot more than the previous PLAYtime! production. Anya had a good time singing, dancing and doing the actions to the songs even though we were seated quite far back from the stage area because¬†we’d gotten there just in time for the show. I liked how they used shadow puppets at the beginning to show the little girl cycling to the zoo especially since the recent Octoburst! included a shadow puppetry exhibition.

When the elephants came out, they sang the One Elephant Went Out to Play song and played a freezing game. The song and game were later used for the monkeys too. It would have been good if the monkey segment had a different song from the elephant one so that the more restless kids wouldn’t get bored. But Anya has been making me sing the song and play the freezing game since Wednesday so I guess the repetition made the song and game stick in her mind!

I wasn’t too pleased that the Delphin people had a booth there because I find them very aggressive in the way they sell their products and services and also because they were blocking the poster of the performance so we couldn’t take a photo in front of it like we usually do. The next PLAYtime performance is Hello Elly! Haven’t decided if we’re watching that yet. Will see if the cousins want to watch as well!