Daily Archives: October 30, 2011

MGS Fun Fair

We went to the MGS fun fair yesterday! We got there before 10am and I walked around with the 2 kids while Adrian went off to park at KAP. It was really hot and crowded! There was a lot to see and do at the fun fair and they even had a whole bunch of amusement park rides from Uncle Ringo. Anya wanted to ride on a Formula One car but she’s too small and couldn’t reach the pedal. We paid $3 for her to jump around on the bouncy slide but it had gotten pretty hot under the sun so she slid down once and decided that she’d had enough! Most expensive slide ever!

I saw quite a few familiar faces and also bumped into my Geog teacher. She wanted Anya to call her ‘Grandma’. Haha! Managed to get some food to eat and Anya drank too much Ribena too quickly and threw up purple vomit spectacularly. Sigh. It was her first time there and I wonder if she’d still remember all this when she finally starts attending MGS 5 years down the road.

Von and Debs met up with us there and after walking around a bit more and buying some souvenirs, we left because it was just too hot and crowded! I think it was a good fun fair with something for everyone. Great job, MGS! :)

game stalls at the quadrangle

huge crowd in the canteen

MGS Grand Prix

Anya trying to convince me that she's big enough

choo choo!

bouncy slides

with Mrs Diana Goh and Mrs Natalie Lim

MGS memorabilia

a very sweaty and sticky Anya