Daily Archives: October 31, 2011

Halloween Fright Night at ACM 2011

We went to the Fright Night at ACM on Saturday evening. I brought Anya last year and she enjoyed the craft activities so much that she still talks about it! I didn’t know if we were going for sure this year and I’m a lazy mother so she had to wear her strawberry costume from last year. She’s grown so much! Last year, the costume came down to below her butt and now it’s around her waist.

She coloured a bat and I cut it out and strung it for her. She also drew some scribbles on a ‘magic’ scratch card and helped to make a scarecrow doll. I think the Halloween activities at ACM are really fun and they put a lot of thought into ensuring that it ties back to Asian culture so I hope no one suddenly decides that it’s inappropriate and rushes to cancel the event like at the Night Safari. -_-

ACM looking creepy

blood donation awareness booth

fuzzy green spider

craft at the River Room

Anya colouring her bat

ta dah!

scribbling on scratch card

crushing newspaper for her scarecrow

scarecrow doll

she was a bit scared of her scarecrow doll!