Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

Korean Cooking Master Class

I was invited to attend a Korean Cooking Master Class on Monday as part of Korea Festival 2011. It was held at Todai, a buffet restaurant in MBS. I don’t cook and I can’t cook so I was a little worried when the chefs were demonstrating how to make the different dishes. Fortunately, we only had to assemble the cucumber kimchi before we were treated to a delicious Korean meal.

We were given the box of cucumber kimchi that we assembled as well as a box of raw bulgogi to take home with us. Adrian didn’t realise that the bulgogi was raw so he accidentally ate some when we were back at my mum’s place. Haha!

As we were leaving Todai, they were just setting up their spread for dinner and it looked really good. There were lots of different types of seafood which looked super fresh so we’re planning to go back there to eat soon!

Me? Cook?

the demonstration



kimchi haemul pajeon (kimchi & seafood pancake with cheese)

cucumber kimchi

look at me! hard at work!

hands-on session

time to eat! :)