Dempsey Brasserie

We had brunch at The Dempsey Brasserie yesterday. I dragged them down because I saw French onion soup on the menu. The soup was yummy and Debs was happy with the burger she ordered. But Adrian’s Eggs Royale was quite strange, Anya’s pancakes were dry and the coffee tasted burnt. The service was very good though. More misses than hits, unfortunately! :(

Dempsey Brasserie


hmm... what to order?

Adam watching us eat

Anya telling her daddy some story

burnt-tasting coffee

Eggs Royale: not made with the type of smoked salmon we're used to

pancakes from kids menu. came with soft drink and ice-cream.

cheese burger

French onion soup. This was great!

2 thoughts on “Dempsey Brasserie

    1. delphine Post author

      Hi Terence,

      Thanks so much for the kind offer! Will drop you an email if we decide to take it up anytime soon. :) I think it’s great that you are reaching out to your customers.


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