Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

Hi-Tea Buffet at Swatow Seafood Restaurant

My folks decided to try the hi-tea buffet at Swatow Seafood Restaurant after it was featured on 永远吃不肥2. We went without making any reservations a few weeks ago and joined a very long queue but we were eventually turned away because it was full! So we went back again on Tuesday after making reservations. It’s pretty good value for money at $16.80++ per person on a weekday and there’s a rather decent variety of items available. We ate till we were bursting without repeating any of the items!

Swatow Seafood Resturant

with my parents, aunt and grandma

some dim sum things

猪脚冻 and 猪头粽

bite-size egg tarts

Adam amused by my mum

Anya trying to feed Adam

she's very persistent