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Reflections for Anya’s Thirty-Second Month

let's make some noise!

You are now 2 years and 8 months old and we are getting closer to your 3rd birthday. As usual, this update is late!

This month, you went to the Ben & Jerry’s ChunkFest with Auntie Debs and Auntie Vonnie, ran around the Vivocity playground with the gang, watched ‘Oh, What a Noisy Zoo!’ and ‘The Elves & the Shoemaker’, ate and played at the MGS funfair, dressed up for the ACM Fright Night, baked muffins with your cousins, watched the Rugby 7s and went to the zoo. You also got a very bad haircut! SIGH!

For this month’s update, I’m just going to note down some of the things you say that amuse/ frustrate the people around you! Sometimes you really ANNOY me. But in spite of (or perhaps because of) what you say and do, I still love you to bits.

Me: Don’t eat yet. Wait for the food to cool down.
You: I don’t want to wait for the food to cool down. I want it to cool UP.

Daddy: Don’t you want to make daddy happy?
You: I don’t want to make you happy. I want to make you angry.

Me: (to daddy) Do you want to take them to the z-o-o tomorrow?
Daddy: We’ll see if the weather is suitable for going to the z-o-o.
You: *sings* Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow!

You: (while watching Anlene milk commercial) This is not for children?
Me: No, it’s not for children. It’s for… big people.
You: You mean adults?

Daddy: Are you going to school next year?
You: Yes.
Daddy: What are you going to do in school?
You: I’m going to teach the children ABC.

You: (when you heard Didi crying) Didi says, “Help, help!”

You: (after each outing) Anya has so many friends!

Ok, there’s a whole bunch of other things but I’m old and my memory’s not too good so I’ll add more stuff if I can remember!

Anya’s Crooked Fringe and KooriMo

Debs passed me a whole bunch of super cute KooriMo red packets. The hairstylist my mum recently brought Anya to butchered her bangs and claimed that it was the latest style! So with her crooked fringe, Anya looks a bit like KooriMo. Coincidentally, she took a picture with the KooriMo mascot at the Cold Storage Kids Run. I really can’t bear to look at her fringe these days! Anyway, I’m thinking of getting Anya’s hair cut short because she’s such a grubby little girl and she’s always sweaty and the long hair just doesn’t help!

picture on the KooriMo red packets

Anya's horrid fringe

with the KooriMo mascot back in May