PS.Cafe at Paragon

I hardly ever go to PS.Cafe because Adrian has something against them. It’s hard to explain so I won’t try. Anyway, I went to the one at Paragon with Angie the other day. We started with the Caesar salad which was yummy. Then we had the Laksa Pesto and the PS. Burger Club. The pasta was tasty but the long beans were strange, like dehydrated vegetables.  The burger club was quite disappointing. We had the sticky date pudding and the lemon pudding for dessert. The puddings were good (the sticky date one is better than the lemon) but it was a mistake ordering two. We nearly died from a sugar overload!

After shopping, we went back again for a tea-time snack. We wanted truffle fries but there weren’t any so we ordered the Crisp & Dip. The three different types of dips were so delicious we ordered more bread so we could eat up all the dips.


Angie & Isaac

PS. Caesar

Laksa Pesto

PS. Burger Club

Sticky Date Pudding & Lemon Pudding

Adam & me

Crisp & Dip


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