Daily Archives: November 23, 2011

Reflections for Adam’s Third Month

Big sister and little brother!

Dear Deets, you are now three months old! I’m trying to be less tardy with my updates but I’m still four days late in writing this. It’s been another great month for us!

You are currently 6.8kg and 62.5cm. Carrying you puts quite a strain on my back and arms but I’m happy you’re growing well. It really feels like we are a proper family now. :)

You usually go to sleep on your own at night after being fed and you’re waking up less often at night now than in your second month. You even slept through the night two nights in a row but I think it was because you weren’t feeling too well. We both fell sick this month but thank God it was nothing too serious and we’re all better now. Your day time napping is also more regular and you are now awake for longer stretches.

You are a lot more smiley these days, especially in the morning, and you’re quite talkative too! I like talking to you and listening to you say goo, gaa and pbbt. When you’re bored, you sigh dramatically and if no one bothers about you, you give an impatient shout. I always look forward to seeing your grandaunt in the evening because she can spend hours talking to you and playing with you and it’s a much-needed break for me.

Your sister is still crazy about you and wants to play with you all the time! She’s constantly trying to kiss you and hug you. When we go out in the car, she always nags me to put the sunshade on your car seat up so that the sun won’t get into your eyes. I can’t wait for the day you can both play together although I think that would mean that you’ll be fighting with each other as well.

Keep growing well, my little one. We all love you very much!