Daily Archives: December 8, 2011

The Gruffalo at Forum The Shopping Mall

We went to watch The Gruffalo, presented by Tall Stories, at Forum the Shopping Mall on Monday after reading Pam’s glowing review of it and I’m glad we did. It was really good! Anya’s familiar with the story but thinks the Gruffalo is scary so it was a good thing that the one in this performance didn’t have the orange eyes and terrible tusks. I liked how they didn’t try to present the animals realistically with elaborate costumes but instead personified each creature and made it more human in behaviour and appearance. We enjoyed the catchy songs too.

Anya also had fun colouring a Gruffalo mask after the performance at the workshop conducted by Julia Gabriel Centre and we bought a DVD from a pushcart selling lots of great Gruffalo items. The Gruffalo is on at Forum everyday (except Tuesdays) until 15 December at 1 & 5pm on weekdays and 1,3 & 5 pm on weekends. Show passes are issued 30 mins before showtime. Register at the Info Counter for the workshop.

her t-shirt matches the picture

a sharp outfit for the fox

oh no! it's the Gruffalo!

working on her Gruffalo mask

ta dah! hey, wrong way round!