Daily Archives: December 9, 2011

Reflections for Anya’s Thirty-Third Month

1, 2, 3, 4... Hi-5!

You are now 33 months old with 3 months to go before your 3rd birthday!

This month, you went to the zoo again and visited your favourite water playground for the first time in ages. You went shopping for your school uniform. You attended Cousin Asher’s and Cousin Marcus’s birthday parties. You visited Macau for the second time and it was our first family holiday with Deets. You watched Jack & the Beanstalk and many other performances in the malls. You also watched Daddy sing at The Arts House. Of course, the most significant thing for you this month is your Hi-5 encounter!

Some unpleasant things happened to you as well. You ran right into a glass door and got a huge baluku on your forehead. You also fell off the seat at the bus stop and scraped your face. Sigh! You are always running around and climbing up and down and not really caring if you hurt yourself! You fall down every single day. You have so many bruises on your legs! I really wish you would be more careful.

You are extremely resistant to napping now but that means you get very tired later in the day and throw the most horrible tantrums. You also like to be disagreeable! This month, you decided that it’s your mission in life to ask ‘why’ questions until I run out of answers. When you want something, you insist on getting it NOW. You can be very bossy as well and often order people around. But you are always so very sweet towards your little brother.

Some of the strange/ funny/ exasperating things that you say:

You: (while I’m trying on shoes) You must try both sides! (pressing the front of the shoe to check)¬†Where are your toes? You must walk around!

You: (when we’re in the car and I’m sandwiched between you and Deets) You have no window! You only have roof!

You: (rushing to the door one evening) I’m going to buy present for Didi!
Me: But you don’t have any money.
You: I have money in my hand.
Me: How much money do you have?
You: (showing me the 20 cents in your hand) Nah.

You: (spotting your dad using his phone when he’s supposed to be taking a bath) Why are you playing with your phone? Don’t play with your phone. Go and bathe. Go.

I wonder when the terrible twos will end but I love you through it all. :)