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NZ Trip: Auckland – Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World

We went to Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World where we took a snowcat ride and came up close to sub-Antarctic penguins. There were also lobsters the size of small dogs and other amazing sea creatures. After checking into our motel, we thought about going to Christmas in the Park at the Auckland Domain but it was raining and we had been warned that parking would be a problem so we decided not to risk it with all the wee ones. Instead, we went for dinner at a Belgian restaurant along Mt Eden Rd.

entrance to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World


Angie is strange

my husband is strange

turtles and stingrays and sharks, oh my!

Nemo, where are you??

I'm here!!

lion fish

De Post Belgian Beer Cafe


1 metre sausage

steamed mussels

pork belly

NZ Trip: Auckland – Viaduct Harbour

We had brunch at Mecca and walked around the Viaduct Harbour area. While Nav and Angie went to meet an uncle of theirs, we went down to SkyCity where I contemplated a SkyJump but didn’t do it because it wasn’t thrilling enough for the price! It was a clear blue day and that wasn’t repeated until several days later.

beautiful blue day in Auckland

at Mecca

Angie and I (and the sleeping boys)

the guys figuring out the area

eggs benedict

kedgeree (smoked hapuka, orzo, poached egg)

Anya's pancakes

classic breakfast

enjoying the fresh air

UFO catcher filled with rugby balls

down by the Ferry Building