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Reflections for Adam’s Fourth Month

I love your one-sided Popeye smile!

Dear Deets, you are four months old! It’s been an exciting month for you. You went on your first trip out of Singapore and took the plane for the first time. Since then, you have taken seven flights as well as the ferry and cable car. You are generally well-behaved on the plane although it’s quite impossible to get you to sleep in the bassinette so I have to carry you most of the time. We went to Macau and New Zealand and you came along even though you probably didn’t know what was going on most of the time! The cool weather in NZ made your skin really dry but your cradle cap situation improved. Even though we brought along Auntie Sharon’s travel cot, you didn’t want to sleep in it so you were squished beside me every night.

This month, you have put on more weight and you are quite a sturdy and solid baby now. I love all the extra folds that you have on your arms and legs. You are well on your way to becoming a Michelin baby like your sister was. You are also paying more attention to the things and people around you. You have discovered your hands and enjoy sucking on them now and then or using them to grab things. You don’t like it when you’re left lying down by yourself so we try to prop you up on pillows and cushions and you are much happier when you can see what’s going on.

You are still smiling and babbling a lot and this month, you started laughing. I think the way you chuckle is so adorable. It’s really difficult to get pictures or videos of you smiling and laughing though because you usually stop when I point the camera at you and start studying the camera instead.

Your sister is always trying to talk to you and this month, she pointed at you and declared, “You! You are a lobster!” Yes, your sister can be rather strange. She also tried to use you as her scapegoat. She threw a horrible tantrum and was screaming and crying on the plane when it was descending, and afterwards when the stewardess asked her who was crying earlier, she pointed at you. Heh. But she does love you so very much!

In a couple of months, I will have to go back to work and won’t be able to spend as much time with you. I really cherish the time I have with you now. We all love you very much but I love you the most of all. :)

NZ Trip: Matamata – Hobbiton

One of the highlights of our trip was Hobbiton! It was really amazing to see Hobbiton and we took tons of beautiful photos but we signed a non-disclosure agreement stating that we are not to put these pictures up on blogs, Facebook, etc. so I won’t be posting any pictures of Hobbiton here. It’s definitely a must-do in New Zealand! You can see some images of Hobbiton on the Hobbiton Tours┬ásite and here’s the trailer for ‘The Hobbit’.

Gollum welcomed us to Matamata

waiting for the bus

a very tall hobbit

white Gandalf bus to bring us to Hobbiton

Anya on the bus

6-day-old lamb

sheep shearing

watching lambs being fed

NZ Trip: Auckland – La Cigale Farmers Market

I love going to markets when on holiday so I dragged the rest to the La Cigale farmers market in Parnell. There was lots to see, taste and buy. We bought coffee, chocolates, cupcakes, sausages, pastries, ice-cream, juices… So nice to stroll around a market in cool weather!

farmers market




treats for furry friends

fresh fruits and vegetables



coffee from La Cigale

more food



happy people