NZ Trip: Matamata – Hobbiton

One of the highlights of our trip was Hobbiton! It was really amazing to see Hobbiton and we took tons of beautiful photos but we signed a non-disclosure agreement stating that we are not to put these pictures up on blogs, Facebook, etc. so I won’t be posting any pictures of Hobbiton here. It’s definitely a must-do in New Zealand! You can see some images of Hobbiton on the Hobbiton Tours site and here’s the trailer for ‘The Hobbit’.

Gollum welcomed us to Matamata

waiting for the bus

a very tall hobbit

white Gandalf bus to bring us to Hobbiton

Anya on the bus

6-day-old lamb

sheep shearing

watching lambs being fed


4 thoughts on “NZ Trip: Matamata – Hobbiton

  1. beanbean

    Wow, they re-built it! I went in 2004, and at that time, they had torn down most of the original set, leaving only the facades. We went anyway and had a lot of fun poking our heads through the houses. Looks like it’s been re-worked into a major tourist attraction!


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