NZ Trip: Rotorua – Agrodome Farm Tour (Alpacas!!)

I may appear to be writing about a farm tour that we went on but I actually just need an excuse to put up lots of pictures of alpacas! I love alpacas! They are ridiculously adorable. I wish I could have a pet alpaca. Anyway, we went on the Agrodome organic farm tour because Anya had such a great time feeding the animals when we visited the farms on Philip Island and in Melbourne last year.

However, that was half a lifetime ago for her and since then, she has become a little coward who is afraid of farm animals. SIGH! She only attempted to feed the ducks by throwing food at them from the safety of the vehicle. I enjoyed feeding the alpacas though so it wasn’t a complete waste of time! We also got to taste kiwifruit juice, wine and honey.

old macdonald had a farm... e-i-e-i-o!

Anya the scaredy cat

feeding alpacas (and greedy goats that kept butting in)

one alpaca!

two alpacas!

three alpacas!

kiwifruit and honey bees

Anya trying some kiwifruit juice

the three little pigs

evil ostriches

the ostrich bit me!!

pretty drinks at the cafe



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