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NZ Trip: Taupo – Bungy Jumping

Our first stop in Taupo was the airport because we wanted to skydive. But the weather was too crappy for skydiving so we decided to bungy jump instead! I’ve always wanted to bungy jump and when we saw that we could do a tandem jump at Taupo Bungy, Adrian and I decided to take the plunge together. Of course we knew that by jumping together, our kids could instantly become orphans, but we decided that the risks were very low. So we left the kids with Angie and Nav, kissed them (the kids, not the Lobos) and made our way to the platform.

The Taupo Bungy people were very professional and I felt reassured by their thoroughness. Watching them as they checked and double-checked everything, I had faith in the equipment and was only nervous about the jump. The anticipation is the worst part of it! I kept going , “Oh God… Oh God…” the entire time they were preparing me for the jump and I wasn’t being blasphemous at all but was truly saying, “God, help me survive this!” Honestly, if it hadn’t been a tandem jump, I don’t know how I would have gotten myself off that platform. When we were right at the edge, I was seriously thinking about backing out because it felt like we were so very high up! But before I knew it, we were sailing through the air and the river was rushing to meet us and I was so scared I couldn’t scream for the first few seconds. Then I couldn’t stop screaming. Heh. I’m so glad we did a tandem because I had something to cling on to!

When we finally stopped rebounding, the boat came to get us. My arms and legs were like jelly and my heart was racing. Best experience ever!

set above the beautiful Waikato River

the very high platform

look at how scared I am

the river is very far away

and we're off!



save us!