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NZ Trip: Wellington/ Picton – Interislander Ferry

We took a ferry from North Island to South Island. It was great fun for all of us because it was the first time we drove up onto a ship! After parking the car, we ate while lounging comfortably on sofas and napped. Anya was the happiest of us all because there was a playground on board and she spent the most part of the 3-hour ferry ride playing to her heart’s content.

some father-son bonding while waiting to drive up the ship

rows and rows of cars

game room



food court

kid's meal

dining area

land ahoy!

Deets impersonating Dr. Evil

NZ Trip: Wellington – Te Papa

Another bit of our trip that we really enjoyed was the Te Papa Museum of New Zealand. It is such a fantastic place! There was so much to see that we would have liked to spend the entire day there. Unfortunately, we only had an hour before our ferry ride.

Te Papa

Anya having a ball of a time

base isolator to absorb shaking during an earthquake

reading about the base isolators

Adrian trying to cause an earthquake

learning about how an earthquake affects the land

exploring New Zealand's flora and fauna

colossal squid!

Anya had fun at this discovery centre

exhibition on Māori life and heritage

Māori meeting house and storehouse

satellite map of New Zealand

NZ Trip: Wellington – Cable Car

We didn’t have very much time in Wellington so we went to take the cable car in the morning. Would have been nice if we could have walked around the area a bit more but it was drizzly so we just sat at the cafe.

the Wellington cable car

on our way up

the Lobos

view from the top

another family pic in the rain

posing on the old cable car

Anya checking out the guidebook

hot drinks for a rainy day

pies again

Deets and I