NZ Trip: Blenheim – Chocolate Factory and Cloudy Bay

We finally managed to get another spot of good weather and it couldn’t have come at a better time because we were going to Cloudy Bay! On our way to the winery, we dropped by Makana Chocolate Factory where we bought some yummy chocolates. Then we headed to Cloudy Bay winery for some wine-tasting and a light lunch. Anya had a great time running around and swinging on the wicker swing chairs.

We were originally headed to Nelson after Picton but a state of emergency had been declared there due to flooding caused by a collapsed dam. :( It was a real blessing that we chanced upon the news broadcast on the flood or we would have been quite miserable!

Makana Chocolate Factory

such a beautiful day! that's the car we drove while in NZ.

lots of chocolate for us to eat

a happy chocolate-taster

Cloudy Bay!

I love vineyards

the Lobos tasting wine

Deets enjoying the fresh air and sunshine

running free

Anya on one of the swings

cheese & charcuterie plate

Cloudy Bay trio

Cloudy Bay pizza

lunch with a view

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