Daily Archives: December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

My evil husband went to play golf on Christmas morning so my sister picked me and the two kids up from my place and brought us over to her place for brunch cooked by Spink. In the evening, we all went over to my aunt’s place for dinner. Spink made a kick-ass French onion soup and bread & butter pudding and Adrian made teriyaki cod with rosemary potatoes. So the guys cooked, my sis washed up and my aunt entertained the kids. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas! ;)

Adrian in the kitchen

teriyaki cod and potatoes

bread & butter pudding

strange way of posing for photos!

grumpy brother

Adrian and a chuckling Deets

the four of us

Wee Christmas

As always, we spent Christmas Eve with Adrian’s family. We also celebrated Adrian’s grandpa’s 94th(!!) birthday. Adrian’s grandma commented that Adam looks like a Christmas ham. I’m gonna have to agree with her! :) Anya was really happy to get the car that she’s been wanting for the longest time.

Fifi and Adam

Adam the Christmas ham

saying grace

some of the food

happy birthday, Kong Kong!

Anya getting her car