Kindle Interest

I used to read A LOT but haven’t been able to read very much at all since the kids came along. It’s just too difficult to bring along a heavy book on top of all the other things in the diaper bag! And it’s also not easy to hold and turn the pages of a book with one hand when I’m cradling the baby in the other arm.

Which is why I’m so pleased with my new Kindle! I started using it last Tuesday and I’ve just finished my first Kindle book: Haruki Murakami’s 946-page 1Q84. Would not have been able to carry the print edition of that tome around for sure. I guess I won’t be buying as many printed books as before but my bookshelves are really full anyway and I need to clear some space for Anya’s books!

8 thoughts on “Kindle Interest

  1. Cherie

    hi hi! i have been wanted to buy a kindle for myself from amazon but i found out that it wasn’t really available in our region (you cant download ebooks using the wifi instantaneously) and it is troublesome to get books wired into the kindle (download online on PC & transfer). just not sure how true it is so i just thought i ask.

    thanks in advance!

    1. delphine Post author

      Hi! So far I’ve had no problems downloading the ebooks from Amazon wirelessly. For the other types of ebooks, can easily use the USB cable to transfer. It’s really worth buying!

      1. beanbean

        Hey, I was happily downloading books wirelessly until I had 2 friends warn me that they got locked out of their Amazon accounts as a result when it was discovered that they were not in/from the US. So it’s probably advisable to download with the USB instead.

        That said, I still love my Kindle! It’s got me reading again too.

  2. poppyandpetunia

    E-reader’s are definitely great in the convenience area. I have been using my ipad’s, ibooks as well as the amazon kindle app for about a year now. My daughter just got the Kindle Fire for Christmas. Although I can’t complain about the iPad(it’s an iPad right?)I would like a smaller, lighter way to read.

    Hmmm….Mother’s Day is coming!

  3. Nisha

    Ha! I got a kindle for Christmas and started on Murakami’s latest too! Great minds?
    I am sort of lemming for the touch screen one though – pity it’s not available outside US.


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