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Bali Trip: Chandi

We had dinner at Chandi, a restaurant serving Pan-Asian cuisine with “a gastronomic twist”. We started with the appetiser tasting which was scallop salad, black pepper crab dumplings, crunchy tofu squares, soft shell crab, beef rendang envelopes, tempe and shots of chilled watermelon soup. ┬áThen we had the ceremonial sate tasting which had skewers of beef short ribs, tenderloin, soft shell crab, scallops, fish, chicken and some vegetables. Dessert was dark and white chocolate fondants, profiteroles with passion fruit sorbet, chocolate mousse and more sorbet. A good dinner!


Deets & Daddy

family photo

Anya and Isabelle

appetiser tasting

ceremonial sate tasting

sambal tasting