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Bali Trip: Café Bali

Café Bali is not very originally named and the food is only so-so but I love how it’s done up! The whitewashed wooden interior, mismatched chairs, lacy table cloth, ceiling fans, coloured glass and the crockery all came together to give a whimsical colonial feel. Definitely a place I would enjoy hanging out in if it were in Singapore.



Anya and Adrian

love the little metal cups for sugar

a cool lemon drink

Deets and I


Anya giving Deets a kiss

back to the villa

Reflections for Anya’s Thirty-Fourth Month

smile, baby girl!

As of 3 days ago, you are 2 years and 10 months old! Already, when asked how old you are, your reply is, “2! No…3!”

This month, you went to New Zealand and Bali. You had previously visited those two places in utero so it was really nice to be able to bring you there physically. We had a hard time with you not getting enough sleep during the day while we were driving around in NZ so there were several melt-downs during the trip. On the plane to NZ, you woke up from your nap too suddenly and threw a huge tantrum which ended with you vomiting in (and choking up) the sink in one of the toilets. They had to put an ‘unserviceable’ sign on the toilet door and lock it. We had a lot of free time in Bali so we made sure that you napped every day and there were fewer tantrums.

Your favourite bits of the NZ trip were the shopping trolleys cars, the playgrounds, feeding the ducks and running around in the vineyard. In Bali, you had a lot of fun in the villa pool. We bought quite a lot of clothes for you there because your father forgot to pack clothes for you for the trip. While we were out shopping, you decided that you absolutely had to have a green turtle sling bag. I love how you always want to buy souvenirs for your Ah Ma, Gong Gong, Ah Zou and the 2 Yee Pos when we’re on holiday. You got them little fuzzy kiwi birds from NZ and wooden owls from Bali.

You celebrated Ellery’s first birthday this month. You also celebrated Christmas with friends and family and received many great presents. I hope you know that you are a very lucky girl.

Sometimes when I look at your brother, I’m reminded of the way you were as a baby and I can’t believe you are turning 3 so soon. Before I know it, you’ll be 13 and suffering from teenage angst and you won’t want to hang out with your uncool mother! So for now, I shall hug you and kiss you as much as I can while you still like being my little baby girl. I love you so much!