Daily Archives: January 14, 2012

Anya’s First Unaccompanied Day in School

Yesterday was Anya’s first unaccompanied day in school and it didn’t start too well. First, she cried all the way in the car saying that she wanted her Ah Ma and wanted to go to Ah Ma. When she got to the school carpark, she was still wailing and she also started staggering around, declaring, “I cannot walk! I cannot walk!” so Adrian carried her to the class. Along the way, they met the principal who reminded Adrian that parents should not linger and he told her that he was planning to escape as soon as he could. When they got to class, Adrian handed her over to one of the teachers and ran off. When Anya realised that she was truly on her own, she screamed her head off.

In the afternoon, I waited with my parents for Anya’s school bus to drop her off. She wasn’t wearing her school uniform which meant that she must have vomited, probably right after Adrian ran off. With Anya, prolonged crying always leads to throwing up. I think she enjoyed the rest of the school day though. She just needs some time to get used to the fact that none of us can be there with her!

On a positive note, she is now toilet-trained in the daytime. It’s taken her longer than usual because she’s always out and about and we were very inconsistent with the toilet training. I’m so proud of her! The only problem is that when I bring her to the toilet and it’s my turn to pee, she announces very loudly (and repeatedly), “I can see your butt!”

my mum and Deets waiting for the bus

looking for the very large mushroom she saw in the morning