Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

Reflections for Adam’s Fifth Month

your t-shirt straining to cover your tummy

You are now five months old! I was reading through the reflections for your sister’s fifth month and I see many similarities. For instance, you are also a drool factory this month and it seems that your mission in life is to grab and gum. Your favourite things to put in your mouth are your hands, apple toy, Sophie the giraffe, your wash cloths and sometimes, your daddy’s nose. You can produce quite an awesome amount of drool.

You are very active during bath time and like to kick a lot and the water splashes all over me. I’m just glad that you seem to enjoy bath time much more now than when you were younger. You still haven’t flipped yet and I worry that I don’t give you enough tummy time because the back of your head is rather flat! You are very sturdy though and your size and appearance have earned you many nicknames: Christmas ham, tang yuen, Michelin baby, Charlie Brown, etc. To me, you are a cuddly little koala bear and you’re so nice to hold.

This month, you celebrated Christmas and attended a few birthday parties. You went to Bali but didn’t get to swim at all because you were always busy napping when we were swimming. You weren’t very happy on the flight back and I’m starting to think that you have something against budget airlines! You made a very big poop to show your disapproval of our mode of transportation.

I only have about two more months before I go back to work and I’m worried because you rejected the bottle on a few occasions when I was out for an extended period of time and chose to starve till I got back. You will eventually have to accept the fact that your preferred feeding method is going to be phased out. I will miss this too.

I love everything about you now: your size, your smell, the way you communicate, the way you sulk, the way you cry and look pathetic when you don’t get something you want, the way you smile… Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and keep you this way but I know you have to grow up and that we will have even more fun together with every milestone you reach. I love you, now and always.