Daily Archives: January 22, 2012

Lunar New Year with Mickey Mouse and friends

Mickey Mouse red packets

I think these Mickey Mouse ang pows are super cute! You can print and make these and lots of other lunar new year decorative items on the Disney Junior ‘For Grown Ups’ microsite. Anya really likes the red packets and I’m thinking of printing a matching orange bag for her to tote around. We are not expecting any visitors this year so I haven’t decorated the house but the site has scrolls, lanterns, firecrackers and many craft ideas that can be easily created with a printer!

Anya in School: An Update

This was Anya’s second week in school and she’s doing a lot better! On Monday, she cried when dropped off but the teacher called later in the afternoon and said that she settled down very quickly after that. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she cried on and off in the car and when dropped off, but since she came home in her uniform, it means she didn’t cry till she vomited which is an improvement from the previous week! And on Thursday and Friday, there was no crying in the car and no crying when dropped off! In fact, she even skipped to her class happily. Yay!

I think school is doing her a lot of good. She seems to be much more reasonable and she’s more well-mannered too. I really like listening to her talk about what happened at school. She talked about some other girl who cried and wanted mummy, about falling asleep on the bus and how the girl sitting beside her kept wanting to talk to her, about eating a cupcake during the birthday celebration of one of her classmates and about her teacher being absent on a particular day. She also made a Lunar New Year decoration this week.

Sometimes I catch her singing songs that she must have learnt in school. There’s a Goodbye Song that they sing at the end of each school day and she sings it many times a day and makes me sing it with her. She also learnt the “in-right, out-right, up-right, down-right, happy all the time” song and now I’m having a tough time explaining to her why sins need to be washed away by Jesus. I have to confess that I haven’t taught her much about our faith beyond the Nativity and Noah’s Ark so I’m happy she’s learning some stuff in school.

I’m so glad things are going well for her. My little girl is growing up!