Daily Archives: January 27, 2012

River Hongbao at The Float

Brought Anya down to River Hongbao at the floating platform yesterday afternoon. I thought she would be interested in the Uncle Ringo amusement park rides since she had quite a bit of fun at the MGS funfair. It was a scorching hot day so it was good that many of the rides were under the shelter of the spectator stands. The rides were old-fashioned but the prices were not! Her train ride, fishing and teacup ride were all $5 each. She had fun though so it was worth it. Didn’t think she would be able to catch any fish but she managed to catch about 3!

entrance to River Hongbao

posing with her Ox zodiac lantern

Misters Fu, Lu & Shou

choosing a little dangly ornament

train ride

fishing game


she won a hideous green bear

remember this game?


spinning around