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Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Sentosa

We were quite excited about trying out the food at the Malaysian Food Street at RWS and we imagined that the food would be almost as good as the original in Malaysia but maybe just a lot more pricey. We were there at 4.30pm and the place was very crowded with long queues at almost every stall. While I liked how they recreated the shophouses and the signs, the food was quite a letdown. :(

The fried Hokkien mee and Penang fried kway teow both looked pretty good but weren’t very tasty and were lacking in wok hei. The Ampang yong tau foo was quite salty and the fish paste wasn’t up to standard. The cendol was also only so-so and the gula melaka used wasn’t fragrant enough. We liked the pig’s intestines porridge though! Overall, the food was generally not bad but not worth travelling specially to Sentosa for. Malaysian food is best eaten in Malaysia!

Malaysian Food Street

street scene

fried Hokkien mee

Penang fried kway teow

pig’s intestines porridge

Ampang yong tau foo


Sentosa Flowers

My mum, aunt and sister wanted to eat at Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Sentosa so I persuaded them to walk around a wee bit more after lunch to check out the Sentosa Flowers displays. We went last year too and it was really hot and crowded because it was the 2nd day of CNY. The weather was pretty good today and it was a weekday so the crowd wasn’t too bad. Debs still complained about the heat though. Anya was on medication for a cough and she was a bit dazed throughout the whole excursion so we didn’t stay too long. Poor baby!

Debs, Deets and I with the RWS Auspicious Dragons 

mum, aunt and Anya with a floral dragon

Dragon Gate

fat merlion

my aunt was eaten by a fish

floral spring dragon

I like this flower