Daily Archives: February 10, 2012

First Swimming Lesson

Anya had her first swimming class on Tuesday. She’s taking lessons with Aidan and Asher, and their instructor is Eugene from The Swimming Room. We were very blessed to have good weather that day after so many rainy afternoons.

Anya was very unhappy right from the beginning when she realised that I wasn’t getting in the pool with her so she spent the whole lesson wailing about how she wanted her mummy. Aidan and Asher were just happy to be in the pool splashing around. Eugene was extremely patient with her. He didn’t ignore her whining but reassured her repeatedly and got her to go through all the activities.

She looked really miserable during the lesson but when I asked her later, she said she had fun! I think she’ll enjoy herself more next week now that she knows what to expect.

getting to know them

look at Anya's sulky face

retrieving Angry Birds floats

walking around in a row

clinging on to the instructor

jumping into the pool

teacher's pet

much happier when it's time to play

sweet Heather joined us after class

having fun in the pool