Daily Archives: February 20, 2012

Reflections for Adam’s Sixth Month

You are 6 months old! It was a month of ups and downs for you. You started sleeping through the night. You visited your Uncle Lincoln (who is five months younger than you) in hospital. You celebrated your first CNY, got to meet many relatives for the first time and collected tons of red packets.

You went for some jabs and your Ah Ma wasn’t there to comfort you. And on that same day, we started you on formula! You were very unhappy. That must have been the worst day of your life so far. We have made a lot of progress since then and you are now willing to drink formula from a NUK wide-neck bottle. Weaning you off the boob was a horrible experience for me because I felt lots of mummy guilt, but more on that in another post.

This month, I went on a holiday without you and your sister and I missed you guys so much! I was afraid that you would forget me. I was so happy to see you at the airport when I got back. You had such a wide smile for me so I think you didn’t forget me after all. :)

I definitely don’t take as many photos of you as I did of your sister at the same age. So here are some photos of you in your 6th month! I love you!

visiting your baby Uncle Lincoln

checking out a red packet

all dressed up for CNY

another CNY outfit

in your big boy clothes



you and me

chomping on your yummy hands