Daily Archives: February 25, 2012

Baker & Cook

Another place for early birds to have breakfast is Baker & Cook at Greenwood Avenue that opens at 7am. It doesn’t serve hot food till 8am but there’s a mouthwatering array of bread, pastries, cakes, etc. to choose from for brekkie. The communal homemade preserves are superb.

Baker & Cook

so many yummy things

pastries and bagels and breads, oh my!

tarts, muffins and cakes

high on sugar?

good coffee

marmalade and jam

raisin bagel

carrot cake

waiting for daddy to remove the green things

Casa Verde

It’s the weekend and I’m taking a break from blogging about New York. We woke up ridiculously early on Monday, after accidentally falling asleep before 6pm the day before, so we headed to Casa Verde at Botanic Gardens for breakfast before dropping Anya off at school. Great location and decent food. It opens at 7.30am so it is on my list of ‘Places that Open Early’ together with The Plain (7.30am), Toby’s Estate (7am) and Kith Cafe (7am).

Adrian ordering at the counter

the face I get when I say "don't look at me and don't smile!"

and this happens when I say, "don't kiss daddy!!"

gourmet breakfast

corned beef with hash brown, poached egg and salad