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NYC: LOVE in New York and the Halal Guys

I went to take a picture with the LOVE sculpture in NY to add to my collection of LOVE pictures. It’s located at 55th and 6th. After that, I went by the Halal Guys food stand at 53rd and 6th to pack lamb platters for dinner. Very yummy!

LOVE in New York

I ♥ NY!

Halal Guys

yummy lamb platter



The Museum of Modern Art is one of the attractions on the CityPASS as well and I went there to gawk at my favourite painting: Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

I have to confess that I’m not capable of appreciating certain types of modern art so some of the pieces left me very puzzled indeed.


staring at Starry Night

Jackson Pollack - One: Number 31

Kichka's Breakfast 1


fluorescent lights and metal fixtures = art?

36" by 36" removal from the wall = art?

special exhibition

Architecture and Design

participating in "Untitled" (Placebo)

group of figures in the Sculpture Garden

11 West 53 St 
New York, NY 10019