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Reflections for Adam’s Seventh Month

your default pose - always chewing on something

Dear little Adam, this post for your 7th month is almost 2 weeks belated. I returned from New York on the day you became 6 months old. This month was our final month together before I went back to work but we didn’t really get to do anything special. In fact, the attention was mostly on your sister because of her birthday celebrations. We even went to Penang without you!

But please know that we don’t take you for granted and we know we are so blessed to have a second child with such a sweet nature. You sleep better than your sister and you’re not fussy about your food. You are willing to sit quietly and wait and not scream for attention. However, you have been falling ill quite often with all the germs that your sister keeps bringing home with her. :(

This month, you perfected your flipping to the point that we need to ensure you don’t roll off the bed. You are still working on sitting upright. Sometimes I worry (who am I kidding?! I worry ALL the time!) that your motor skills are not developing as quickly as other kids your age but I know you’ll be fine in your own time.

Your daddy doesn’t like it when I call you a sweetheart (something about it being unmanly) but you really are my darling little sweetheart. Love you!

Reflections for Anya’s Thirty-Sixth Month

you and your gummy bear moustache!

My dearest Anya, this post is three weeks belated! I had so much that I wanted to say that I wasn’t able to find enough time to collect my thoughts about what to write and so I’m now swinging to the other extreme and talking about the most superficial things instead.

In the final month before your 3rd birthday,  I ran away to New York for 10 days. It was a really good break for me but I missed you and your brother terribly the entire time. Your daddy said you missed me very much too. You started swimming lessons with your cousins this month and cried the entire time during the first lesson but now you seem quite happy to go for class every week. I think you really enjoy being able to hang out and play with your cousins every week.

This month, we celebrated Sophia’s birthday a week before we celebrated yours. You had a lot of fun at that party what with the playgrounds and the swimming pool. You went to watch We’re Going On A Bear Hunt with your daddy and I brought you to watch Three Little Pigs. We spent some time preparing for your birthday and you celebrated your birthday with your classmates in school for the very first time!

I promise to do a proper update when I can but there’s always so much going on that I feel I’ll never be able to catch up! Love you, sweetie! :)

Anya’s New Haircut

Anya can be quite a difficult child and when she decides to be disagreeable, she can REALLY get on my nerves and test my patience. Fortunately, she doesn’t ever give any trouble when it comes to getting a haircut. She will sit in the chair very obediently without moving and she will close her eyes or lower her head when she’s asked to do so. No distractions are needed. We don’t have to show her a cartoon or give her stickers or let her sit in a chair disguised as a kiddy ride. So that’s at least one thing to be grateful for!

We decided to get her long hair cut short because it’s always sticking to her neck and face when she gets sweaty which is 80% of the time. Also, Adrian has to get her ready for school in the morning and he doesn’t know how to tie her hair so she goes to school looking very scruffy. So I brought her to Jean Yip to get a haircut since I have a package there that I hardly use. She’s liking her new hair so far and we like it too!

looking very serious

being Sadako

getting her fringe trimmed

not sure if she likes her new look

Peperoni Pizzeria at Binjai Park

We have a lot of different types of food in our area, and when we want some pizza and pasta, we go to Peperoni at Binjai Park. It’s very popular and reservations are necessary on weekends. We were there last Saturday evening and had a yummy dinner. It was a nice breezy evening and Deets was being an absolute sweetheart and sitting quietly in his chair the entire time. The service at Peperoni is always good and I like that they automatically provide kids’ cutlery and crayons and paper for the kids.

Peperoni Pizzeria

happy Deets

Anya busy colouring

nice cool evening perfect for sitting outside


Vonnie’s chicken and mushroom pasta


half pepperoni  and half buffalo cheese pizza


Brought the kids to ACJC Fun-O-Rama on Saturday. Wanted to go in the morning but had a workshop to attend so only made it there about 1.30pm. It was blazing hot and very crowded. So thankful that Vonnie was there to help me with the kids and to play games with Anya cos Adrian could only meet us there later.

I guess it has become a habit for me to attend Fun-O-Rama every other year. I started going to Fun-O-Rama in 1994! I usually head straight to Scone Cafe in LT3 then go to the hall and spend all my money on overpriced souvenirs. This year, I bought a red iPhone cover and a smiley plugy. But now Anya is old enough to play games so I can’t stick to the air-conditioned areas anymore!!

what to play?

throwing balls into a 'toilet bowl'

rolling ball game

throwing balls into a hoop


cool Angry Birds game with really long queue

Scone Cafe

random dance item

high five!

drinks in AC colours

Adrian and Deets in non-AC colours

Von and Deets

corporate gifts in the hall

overpriced souvenirs

us with Smiley

Von and I


For some reason, I thought our play was starting at 7pm so we just went to Shunjuu around the corner for some beer, sumiyaki and sashimi. Sumiyaki is perfect beer food. I really like the cabbage with miso dip appetiser. Very light and fresh. The best way to eat veggies!

As it turned out, Krishnan’s Dairy was actually at 8pm so we went to walk around for a bit after our light dinner.

cabbage with miso dip and some lady's finger

tofu with century egg sauce

thick slices of salmon sashimi

ox tongue

chicken heart

chicken skin

oyster wrapped in pork

beer on a Friday evening.. ahhh...

my strange husband

Krishnan’s Dairy

Adrian and I went to watch Krishnan’s Dairy at DBS Arts Centre on Friday. We laughed our heads off because it was so funny but it was terribly touching as well. Krishnan’s Dairy is about an Indian couple running a corner grocery store (dairy) in New Zealand and also the love story behind the Taj Mahal.

One very talented guy plays all the characters and performs the music too. He switches from one character to the next so effortlessly that you forget there is just one man. It’s such a heartwarming play and is the perfect show to watch with someone who doesn’t like theatre because he thinks it’s all arty farty rubbish (I’m speaking of Adrian, of course).