Food for Thought

Food for Thought at Botanic Gardens is a kid-friendly eatery that I’m very fond of. The playground is mostly shaded and suitable even for 2-year-old kids. There’s also crayons and paper for kids to colour on.

The food there is simple, wholesome and relatively affordable. The all-day breakfast menu that is available till 5pm is a definite plus. I like that it has pomme noisette on its menu and I find the mee rebus very yummy.

Last Saturday, we had breakfast with the cousins at Food for Thought at Botanic Gardens. The weather was great and we managed to snag a table outdoors so we could eat and watch the kids play at the same time. We had such a good time that we stayed there for about 3 hours!

Food for Thought

5 simple rules for life


sausage, eggs and bacon



mee rebus

carrot cake

the Wees, Quahs and Nairs

Debs and Spink


the playground

Ellery, Heather and Asher


Anya the pirate


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