Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Lunch at Relish

We went for the grand opening of the Elly store at Cluny Court on Sunday and had lunch at Relish before that with Angie, Nav and Isaac. The burgers at Relish are so yummy! I must go back soon to try the blue cheese beef burger with poached pear.

The people at Elly were giving out balloons, popcorn and goody bags. Our visit was very fruitful because I decided to take advantage of the 15% storewide discount to buy more clothes for the kids and also some birthday presents. It was also very nice to see so many familiar faces there!

Isaac and Adam

Anya's mini bangers

Wild Rocket burger

crab meat linguini

bacon and cheese burger

chocolate gateau

strawberry cheesecake

dark chocolate soft serve

Anya enjoying the desserts

at Elly in her Elly green apple dress