Anya’s 3rd Birthday: The Party

We had a little birthday party for Anya at our place yesterday with the usual people: our closest friends and the cousins. It was chaotic and noisy but the kids had a lot of fun!

The balloons were from Kidz Party Store and I made the goody bags, the banner and the bunting. We ordered North Indian food from Tandoori Corner and I think everyone enjoyed the food. The cake was the Mickey Mouse one from Bengawan Solo chosen by Anya. The minimum order for that cake was 3kg so we had quite a bit of cake left over!

We were missing some people though: Debs refused to come to a party full of screaming kids and Qi was in labour at the hospital!

everything set up and awaiting the guests

the goody bags

the banner

Mickey standing by to welcome everyone

yummy North Indian food

Mickey sandwiches for the little ones

the birthday girl

the cake

Happy Birthday!

Anya decided that smiling was too boring

family photo!

with Fifi

the Lobos

the cousins

the gang


5 thoughts on “Anya’s 3rd Birthday: The Party

  1. JY

    Hi, chanced upon your blog, the whole birthday party looked so nicely decorated and fun! Guess you must had put in so much time and effort to plan and design all the things. Would just like to ask, which font did you use for the banner? Thank you! :)

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