Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

Joel is here!

Qi went into labour on Anya’s birthday and delivered Joel the next day. He’s the 12th kid in the gang and the 10th boy. He’s such a precious little thing with the most stylish hair! Congrats to Qi and Wesley!

adorable Joel

Anya’s 3rd Birthday: With My Family

On Sunday evening, we went down to Soup Restaurant at Clementi Mall to celebrate Anya’s birthday with my family. Although I’m not a fan of chicken, I love their Samsui Ginger Chicken. Only took photos of the food and not of the people cos Anya was SUPER grumpy from lack of sleep!

wearing my aunt's specs

samsui ginger chicken

steamed hand-chopped minced pork with salted egg

sweet and sour pork with cherry tomato

venison with spring onion and ginger

stir fried sliced fish

salad prawn

claypot tofu

poached baby spinach in conpoy in century and salted egg stock