Penang: Ghee Hiang – Best Tau Sar Piah?

We went to Ghee Hiang to buy some tau sar piah (also known in Penang as tambun biscuits) but they were all sold out. Adrian bought his favourite beh teh soh and the others decided to call the next day to get them to deliver the tau sar piah to the hotel.

While Ghee Hiang is highly recommended by many, the taxi drivers say the locals think that Him Heang is better. We didn’t go to Him Heang although it looked very crowded when we passed by in the taxi. Personally, I only like the tau sar piah from Loong Fatt at Balestier Rd in Singapore.

Ghee Hiang at Jalan Macalister

the kids decided the mirror was the most interesting thing in the shop

I think this cyclist is lost

giant sesame oil


1 thought on “Penang: Ghee Hiang – Best Tau Sar Piah?


    This really is the 2nd posting, of urs I went through.
    Although I really love this specific 1, “Penang: Ghee Hiang
    – Best Tau Sar Piah? | Life in the Wee Hours” the most.
    Regards ,Moses


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