Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

Penang: Siam Rd Char Kway Teow

Another very good char kway teow that we had in Penang was that from a roadside stall in Siam Road. This one is generally regarded as the best by many of the locals. We got there at about 4pm and had to wait quite a long time for our char kway teow.

Most of us felt that the Lor Selamat one is better but this Siam Rd one is almost as good and, at half the price, better value for money. The prawns are smaller but there’s more lup cheong and hum. Although it’s from a roadside stall, you can sit and eat the char kway teow at the kopi tiam opposite.

stall run by this old man and his son

just some of the people in the queue

looks good!

Penang: Lunch at the E & O

We dropped by Sarkies Corner in the Eastern & Oriental hotel to cool down after walking around in the afternoon sun and had a bite there.

E & O hotel

according to Adrian, a cannon to shoot naughty children out of

Adrian had a beer

sweaty Anya had a juice

fish & chips